Newly elected DAC Team-2019

Members of DAC newly elected team

Vipin Kharbanda has been appointed as Vice President of Delhi Advetising Club recently.

Post the Annual General Meeting held on 16 Dec 2019 ,
the newly elected President (unopposed), Raman Kumar Chugh has laid down an array of strategic initiatives with a clear ambition of strengthening the advertising fraternity.

The following members of DAC Team 2019-20 which won unopposed-

Ajay Adlakha.Naresh Sachdeva.Rakesh Jain,Alok Gupta,H.S Paul,Deepak Hiramath,Naresh Khetarpal,Vijay Kumar Chopra,Maninder Singh and Mukul Gupta has also been nominated different executive positions in the core group of DAC.

Message from The President’s Desk
I feel deeply honored to have been elected as President of the prestigious Delhi Advertising Club
– the leading body for advertising professionals. It’s a matter of pride and gratitude to have been
handed this post just as the club completed its 50th year since inception. I plan to further upgrade
upon the tremendous work done by my predecessors.
I take inspiration from a famous quote coming from advertising Guru Jef I Richards: “Creative
without strategy is called ‘Art.’ Creative with strategy is called ‘Advertising.”
My main focus will be on strategy and execution. I seek deep understanding and support from
my team on this. We will have more events, membership drives, in-depth engagements,
sponsorship drives and strive to redefine industry benchmarks. We are in the 21st century where
the world is moving so fast that each year feels like a leap of ten years. I started my career as an
Electronics Engineer, 21 years ago & working for DAC from past 6 years. I needed to keep up
with the times and evolve every day to reach the position, where all my dear members have put
me today. Hence we as a community too need to keep up with the evolving times, else we will
lose out. Advertising needs more energy, enterprise, networking and collaboration. We will
achieve that.


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